Franjo Kovačev-International Cynology Judge

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FRANJO KOVAČEV-cynology judge

Occupation: Master of Petroleum Engineering

Rank: International
Licence: FCI IV, FCI V, FCI VIII (Sec. 1 & 3)
franjo kovacev

Country: Croatia
Gender: Male
Address: Bana Jelačića 21
Place of residence: 48350 Đurđevac
Phone 1: +385 98 277030
Phone 2: +385 95 892 1699
E mail:


“I was born on March 29th 1961.

Since 2008 I licensed to judge all breeds of FCI group V since 2012 for all breeds of FCI group IV and since 2016 for FCI group VIII (Sec.1 & 3)
So far I have judged on national and international shows in Slovenia, Croatia Czech Republic  and specialty shows in: Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic and the most prestigious show, National Samoyed show in Australia.

Since 1994 I have been actively involved in the dogs-world. That year we bought our first Samoyed. After that, every year we had more and more dogs, for the past 5-6 years we have had at least 8 Samoyeds – from a few months old puppies to 14 years old dog. There are eleven Samoyeds in our home.
Since 1994 I have been a member of the Kennel Club “Đurđevac” in which I have been the secretary for almost 6 years.
In addition to membership in the local kennel club, for over 20 years I have been a member of CIRN (Italian Club for Nordic Breeds), member of the Nordic Club in Zagreb-Croatia and member of The Slovenian Club for Spitz and Primitive Dogs.
In 1998 with my wife I have registered kennel under prefix “Nox-Poli“ (FCI 44/98). Since beginning we have only one breed, the Samoyeds. We were one of the first breeders in Croatia which had their own web site ( where the Samoyed’s fanciers could find interesting and useful information about the breed.
The puppies bred in our home are living in: Russia, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Holand, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece…
Very often we participate with our dogs at dog shows – from local shows to the biggest European or World Dog Shows. The most important dog show prizes we won with the dogs bred in our home are the titles of Best Baby Samoyed at EDS 2007, Veteran Winner at Euro Dog Show 2008 and Puppy World Winner at World Dog Show 2012.
Also there are successes with our dog imported from Denmark: BIS Baby at Eurodogshow in Celje 2010, JEuW and JBOG#3 at Eurodogshow 2011.
We also bred dozen dogs which became national champions of different countries and dozens of International Champions.

I have been honored with the Diploma of Croatian Kennel Club (HKS) in 2008, with the Silver Badge in 2011 and with the highest award of Croatian Kennel Club, Gold Badge in 2016.

As a dog judge I believe in emphasis on the type and good points of each dog and only then taking into consideration the weaker points.
In my opinion, the person who is intending to be a judge has to keep up with all the important events in the dog world and should use every possibility of further education through courses, the available literature and use chance to learn from other judges and breeders as well. Because of that I am very often a visitor of the biggest dog shows. Often I use the opportunity to participate in seminars and lectures held by judges or breeders.
It is my pleasure to continuously enrich my personal dog-worlds library where we can find some of the most important titles from general dog-worlds topics and some rare books.
Also I have prepared a few technical articles about the dogs. The articles have been issued in Croatian Kennel Club’s magazine. I prepared and published the book of FCI group V standards in Croatian.
Franjo Kovačev
Cell: +385 98 277 030

Cell: +385 95 892 1699
Home: +385 48 811 343

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