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Source: RSFranceIDF

Map-Stari Banovci

Stari Banovci is a Pannonian-type settlement in Vojvodina in the Srem district in the municipality of Stara Pazova. It is situated as well on the right bank of the Danube (92 m), where the section of the Srem loess plateau goes downstream and is cut through by the Budovara valley. According to the 2011 census, there were 5,954 inhabitants.

The E-75 highway, which is 4 km away from Stari Banovci, passes along the settlement. It represents not only the main link between Banovci and Belgrade, but also the connection between Banovci and Novi Sad that is 60 km away form Stari Banovci and 6 km east of Stara Pazova.

Hotel “Village” – Stari Banovci

Village Hotel is a hotel of high quality. It was built to the highest technological and environmental standards. The elegant interior combines the modern with the charm of Srem. You can expect a friendly atmosphere, maximum comfort and friendly staff. If you visit us you will see that our quality and customer satisfaction in the first place. If you want to rest, comfort and relaxation then the Village Hotel the perfect choice for you. Located in Stari Banovci, in the municipality of Stara Pazova, Hotel Village is located 10 minutes from the airport “Nikola Tesla” and only 2 kilometers from the highway Belgrade-Novi Sad.

Restaurant Venecija – Stari Banovci

The restaurant Venecija has its long family tradition that has been passed from generation to generation since 1956. In this restaurant there is the rule that service, cuisine and appearance must be at the highest level. By definition, the restaurant offers fish specialties, the best fish soup, whereby Venecija is widely known. One of the specifics of the restaurant is that the fish here isgrilled or cooked in a traditional way in the old frying pans. The fish is purchased from the local fishermen and it is always fresh. On the menu one can findperch, catfish, sterlet and other river and sea fish as well as many chicken and turkey specialties and specialties made out of pork meat. There is a large selection of drinks and desserts. The restaurant works from 10-24h.



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