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Welcome to the Web portal Jelena Dog Shows!

The Web portal Jelena Dog Shows is similar to the group IZLOŽBE PASA SVIH RASA-DOG SHOWS. Jelena Dog Shows is well organized and presents the complete database referring to the cynology. It was made in the Serbian language, and there is a version in English as well. Jelena Dog Shows includes the following things:

– NEWS: dog shows and results



  • Judges
  • Handlers
  • Cynological Unions
  • Cynological Associations
  • Clubs Kennels
  • Hotels and Private Accommodation for Dogs
  • Pet Shops
  • Dog Transport/Shipping
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Grooming Salons
  • Dog Training
  • Cosmetics
  • Dog Food
  • Other Firms

-ADVERTISING: dogs and puppies sale, litter announcements, stud dogs, champions, other advertisements

Each registration is free for all firms and services (kennel, salons, pet shops, Judges, Handlers … etc.). It means that you can register more things. You will be in the data base with other firms and services. Registration, advertisements and announcement are both in English and Serbian.

You can advertise everything regardless of whether you have a registered company or not.

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