Željko Todorović-International Cynology Judge

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ŽELJKO TODOROVIĆ-cynology judge

Rank: International

Country: Serbia
Gender: Male
Place of residence: Novi Sad
Phone: +381637772141


Željko Todorović has always been a Collie person. He got his first Collie in 1986, and has been breeding Rough Collies under the “Zexwood” prefix. Over the years, he imported dogs from the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Germany, Russia and Holland. During these years he bred numerous Champions worldwide. He is also involved in Shih Tzu and Spitz, the breed which he cooperate with French Shih Tzu and Spitz kennel Shah Abbas”which breeding Shih Tzu and Spitz for more than 20 years.

Željko became a British pastoral breed’s judge specialist in 1992, and has since then added a large number of breeds. At moment he is an All breeds judge for FCI group 1,2,3,5,9and 10.

He is a founding member and the first President of the YU Collie Club. At the moment he is the expert committee member of the local canine club in Šabac and Pančevo, one of the biggest in Serbia. Committee member of the International Collie Society-UK, Honorary member of the German Collie Club, Belgian Collie Association, German Club for British Sheppard dogs, Russian Collie Club, French Club for German and Italian Spitz, specialization he do for breeds from all breeds group 5, British Pastoral breeds, toy group 9… and many subspecialisations.

Specific Seminars & Judging Competence Assessments

Training Certificate – Dog movement and confirmation under British Kennel Club, ICS –UK, Breed specific instruction for all poodle types, and for all Spitz types, under National French breed Club.

He enjoys the process of learning about the various dog breeds and feels that this makes him more competent to make good breeding decisions in his own breed. He judged in England, Ireland, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Germany, and judged at the many other prestigious breed special and international all breed showson a few continents . He was study medical scientist, and he is well anatomist. He is very interesting in genetics in dog breeds, He lecturing for junior judge students, and for some show organizer. We are proud that he is rise is dog person in our City and in our Kennel Club.

The above statements confirm under full responsibility in front of The Kennel Club “Zoran Zoki Stankovic” Committee KD Zoran Zoki Stankovic Masarikova 38, Sabac Serbia

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