World Dog Show Sao Paulo (Brazil), 8th-11th December 2022

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WDS Sao Paulo 2022

The 2022 World Dog Show will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil (8th-11th December 2022).

“From 08 to 11 of December, dog breeders from Brazil and from all around the world will meet at the Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, for the 2022 World Dog Show.

Considered the biggest and most important event of the dog world, the World Dog Show (WDS) is an international show recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) that has been held once a year since 1964.

The 2022 WDS will be organized by the Confederação Brasileira de Cinofilia (CBKC), the organization that establishes the rules for dog breeding in Brazil. This will be the third time the event will be held on Brazilian soil – we had the honor of hosting the World Dog Shows of 1972 and 2004 – and we have great expectations.

In addition to the beauty and conformation show, the World Dog Show Brazil 2022 will also feature canine sports, obedience trials, grooming competitions, a pet product market, and several other activities.

The event will have a main ring (our honor ring) where, among other events, the beauty and conformation show finals, the obedience trials, and agility competition will be held. In order to provide more comfort and better visibility to the viewers, the main ring will have bleachers, a VIP area, screens broadcasting the event live, light canons, and LED panels.

In the year we celebrate 100 years of Brazilian Cynophilia, the CBKC announces the Show for the Centenary. The Centenary Dog Show will be a part of the World Dog Show Brazil 2022 and will be composed of Specialized Shows and National Shows integrated into an International Show that, in addition to the CACIBS, will award the Centenary Title.

The Show for the Centenary will also have, as a highlight, competitions for Brazilian breeds, presenting to the world the evolution of the breeding of purebred dogs in Brazil.”

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No. of dogs (**)Phase 1
Jun/15 to Jul/08
Phase 2
Jul/09 to Aug/08
Phase 3
Aug/09 to Oct/08
Competitions (***)
(Single Phase)
1st and 2nd dogR$400 or US$80R$500 or US$100R$600 or US$120R$100 or US$20
3rd and 4th dogR$200 or US$40R$250 or US$50R$300 or US$60R$100 or US$20
From the 5th dogR$100 or US$20R$100 or US$20R$100 or US$20R$100 or US$20

* The values in dollars should only be used by foreign exhibitors.

** Dogs owned by the same person.

*** About Collective Competitions

  • The dogs registered in the collective competitions (Couple Competition, Breeders Competition, Progeny Competition) must also be entered in one of the individual classes.
  • The exhibitor must pay for both registrations, which means he will be paying the registration fee for the individual class + the registration fee for the collective class.
  • Register only 1 (one) dog in each collective competition. The other competitors will be determined at the office on the day of the event.
  • Brace or Couple Competition: a dog and a bitch of the same breed and variety belonging to the same owner.
  • Breeders Competition: 03 or more exhibits of the same breed and variety, bred by the same person (same kennel name), even if they belong to different owners.
  • Progeny Competition: a Sire or a Dam with 03 or more of his or her progeny (first generation pups, sons or daughters).

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 José Bernardo Pinto Street, 333 – Vila Guilherme – São Paulo – SP – Brasil

Expo Center Norte is located at Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 – Vila Guilherme, next to Shopping Center Norte and Lar Center and Novotel Center Norte.

The distance to Marginal Tietê is 1.1km. And there is access to the Dutra, Castelo Branco and Anhanguera highways.

The closest subway stations are Portuguesa-Tietê and Carandiru (Blue Line), located just over 2km from Expo Center Norte.


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