San Marino Winter Cup Dog Shows 2021 | 3-5th December 2021

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International Dog Show – Friday 03 December 2021
National Dog Show – Friday 03 December 2021
International Dog Show – Saturday 04 December 2021
International Dog Show – Sunday 05 December- Crufts Qualification 2022


Jovanovic Nemanja (SRB)
Szutkiewicz A. (POL)
Deutscher E. (DEU)
Giura A. (ROU)
Rainer J. (DEU)
Bispo P. (PRT)
Jungblut W. (DEU)

The mandatory entry time for individual exhibitors will be indicated in the confirmation e-mail will be sent before the dog show.
Access to the premises will not be allowed before the time established by the email indicated above.

It is mandatory to bring the registered dog’s health card with you. Veterinary checks will take place inside the exhibition pavilion

Vaccinations including rabies must be valid.

The first vaccinations must be carried out at least 30 days before the date of exposure.

The page of the health card relating to vaccinations must be attached to the dog’s card together with the copy of the pedigree in the original format (please do not attach non-compliant copies)

As long as the Covid-19 emergency conditions remain, all exhibitors are required to comply with the following legal provisions:

1.Access to the exhibition is allowed only to those who are owners / exhibitors / handlers of one or more registered subjects.

For only one registered dog, access is allowed to one person; from 2 to 3 dogs max 2 people (exhibitor plus companion)

2 At the end of the judgments, those who have finished the presentation of the subjects in the rings are invited to leave the premises to allow those who have yet to present the subjects to have sufficient space to position themselves near the rings and to minimize the presence of people in inside the premises thus avoiding the risk of gatherings.

4 While accessing and staying inside the exhibition rooms, all people are required to wear the personal protective equipment required by law (surgical mask: FFP2, FFP3, KN95, and hand sanitization). The minimum interpersonal distances of at least 1 meter and a half must also be respected and gatherings must be avoided.

Top Dog San Marino 2021

We inform you that, for the year 2021, the Top Dog championship is not foreseen

Important communication for exhibitors:

Subjects with tail and / or cropped ears

Starting from July 1st, 2018 all the dogs cropped and/or docked after the date July 30th 2014 (07/30/2014) will no longer be admitted at our Dog Shows.All the dogs cropped and/or docked before the date of July 30th, 2014 (07/30/2014) will be admitted only if provided of a veterinary certificate certifying that surgical interventions on ears and/or tail are carried out only with curative and conservative finality.

Subjects who are born without tail must present the DNA test result certificate for NBT

– Title champion

The Champion (young, adult and veteran) and Grand Champion Diplomas can only be requested by
email at and no longer obtained directly at the expo.

– We would like to remember you that for logistical reasons our National and/or International Dog Shows are limited enrollment.

When the maximum number available is reached, all the entries will close early and, of course, all the rights of the first/last closing date will be revoked, in advance.

Dogs not registered to the show can not enter into the place of the exhibition

The Shows is reserved to exhibitors only: no visitors allowed

We advise the exhibitors that the parking will be free, free of charge, not guarded and without electricity supply for campers/caravan. We therefore recommend that you provide yourself with a generator if necessary.



First closing date : 09/11/2021
Last deadline : 22/11/2021


*You can find us on Facebook as well:       HERE


Kennel Club San Marino
Strada Cardio, 58
47899 – Serravalle (RSM)

+378 0549 904465

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