National Dog Show CAC Golubac (Serbia)-22.08.2015.

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Kennel Club “Golubac” from Golubac, upon approval of the Kennel Club of the Republic of Serbia organizes the X National CAC Golubac Dog Show on 22/08/2015. (Saturday) in the park, next to the river Danube in Golubac. All information can be found here.

Application conditions: All purebred dogs that have a pedigree issued by the KSS or pedigree issued by the foreign Kennel clubs that are recognized by the International Kennel Federation -FCI can apply for the show. Dogs must be properly marked in accordance with the law (microchip), possess a certificate of vaccination against rabies and a certificate of health. For damage caused by the dog at the exhibition space, owner is responsible. Biting dogs must wear a muzzle.

The program of the exhibition: 7:00 to 10:00 Entrance of the exhibitors 10:00 to 10:15 Show opening ceremony 10:15 to 13:30 Judging in the rings 14:00 – Best in Show

Referees: Momcilo Mihajlovic – German shepherds; Suncica Lazic – the rest of the l FCI groop and ll FCI groop Ivan Vasiljevic – III and IX FCI group; Štefica Lazic – V, VIII and X FCI groups; Vladimir Videnović – IV, VI and VII FCI groups.

Classes dogs: -Minor Puppy class (3-6 months) -Puppy class (6-9 months) -Junior class (9-18 months) -Intermediate (15-24 months) -Open class (over 15 months) -Working class -Champion class -Veteran class (over 8 years)

Entry fee: Entry fee for the first dog is 1,000 RSD, for the second dog is 900 RSD and for every next dog of the same owner, registration fee is 800 RSD. For minor puppy and puppy class entry fee is 800 RSD. Entry fee for foreign exhibitors is 20 EUR per dog. To enroll in the breeding pair and breeding groups, as well as junior handling application is free of charge and shall be filed in the office of the exhibition by 12.00 on the day of the exhibition.

Entry fee costs can be payed to the account no: 205-31345-46 marked “for the dog show” or on the day of the show at the price of 1,300 RSD for each dog.

Application and the proof of payment should be sent together.

The deadline for applications is 18th of August, 2015.

Applications should be sent by registered mail to the following address: Kennel Club “Golubac” Tanaska Rajic 2, 12223 Golubac

E-mail for registration:

Online registration:

Phone for information: 069 / 765-008 Danijel

Coordinates: 44.653944,        21.630682



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