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Chow chow

Type of company:  Kennel
Country: Serbia
Town: Zrenjanin
OWNER INFORMATION. First Name/ Last Name: Ljupka Nastovska
E mail:
Phone 1 : +381654580580
Phone 2 :  +381605806580
Description of firm/service: F C I 5446

My first encounter with Chow Chow breed happened during my holidays in USA, when I was 14. At first, I thought it was a little teddy bear and it appeared to be a love on first sight. For a while, I didn’t even know which breed it was since, at that time, there wasn’t many of them here, in Serbia. Fifteen years later, quite accidentally, I learned that it was a Chow Chow, and started to gather the information about the breed’s character and characteristics. It was the Chow Chow’s stunning character that made me realize that Chow Chow is the perfect breed for me. Therefore, the final decision was made to bring that adorable teddy bear I’ve met long time ago to my life. In my search for a Chow Chow puppy I’ve found my little cream princess Clea, my first Chow, in 2010. Soon after, for Clea to have company, I decided to bring another Chow. That’s how we’ve got Rafa, lovely black male in February 2011, when Clea was nine months old. Rafa was such an adorable black fluffy furball when he came to us and Clea accepted him very well, probably thinking it was her new toy!  They grew up together in perfect harmony. Since, I was very pleased with the way our Chow pack was growing, I decided to introduce some new Chow members to them. I’ve got in touch with Mr. and Mrs. Odenkirchen from Canada (Mi-Pao kennels). That’s how the adorable shaded red youngster called Banner, at the age of four months came to us. This little Canadian guy really stood out by both his character and appearance from everything I knew about and saw before, which was the reason I decided to keep in touch with Canadian breeders. Since it appeared clear to me that keeping the Mi-Pao bloodlines is something I would like to do, another two puppies, brother and sister, came in 2012 – Crissy (red female) and Julius (black male). That’s how our kennel grew up to a nice little pack of five happy Chows, two females and three males, whose photos, stories and show results could be seen on this website.


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