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English Setter Kennel “ALBA VENATORES FCI 6167”


   Danijel Ivanović is the owner of the English Setter Kennel “ALBA VENATORES FCI 6167”. Here’s what he says about his dogs:

“I’ve been breeding, training and exhibiting English Setters for exactly 15 years. My entire life I’ve been surrounded by dogs and different breeds in general. My father is also a breeder and recently he has gotten an award celebrating successful 30 years in cynology for improvement and development of cynology in Serbia. First breed that we started with were German Shepherds and my father has
been licensed by German cynology society to train German working shepherds.

In 1991 we acquired first pair of Épagneul bretons. After that we have worked with quite a lot of different hunting breeds, more than 10 breeds from FCI’s VII group. My father has always been breeding Épagneul bretons since. In 2001 we acquired a first English Setter and since then working with them has become my passion.
So far my activities on social media and elsewhere were centered in representing English Setters as a breed in general. Why am I doing this for so long? Personally I think that English Setter is the most complete hunting dog, with most elegant movement both on terrain and on dog shows, but also my opinion is that English Setter is not suitable breed for everybody. Everyone should choose a breed considering their own personality and taste.

After fifteen years of working with English Setters and promotion of the breed in general, I am glad to announce that from now on I will present my dogs as a registered kennel “ALBA VENATORES FCI 6167”

Regards from
Alba Venatores Kennel
Danijel Ivanovic”


GENERAL APPEARANCE: Of medium height, clean in outline, elegant in appearance and movement.
BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT: Very active with a keen game sense. Intensely friendly and good natured.
They are active dogs that need plenty of exercise and up to two hours a day of exercise is recommended. Inside they tend to be lower energy and love to be couch potatoes and lap dogs; the breed is described as “intensely friendly”  and “adores visitors and is particularly happy with children.” They are not always easy to train, as their natural bird instinct tends to distract them in outdoor environments. If you want this dog, seek the information about this breed first.

Danijel and his puppies on national TV “JUTARNJI PROGRAM-RTS”

His priority is a representing English Setters as a breed in general.



Danijel’s father




Danijel Ivanović



Author: Jelena Basarić


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