Dog Pension Čačak

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Type of company: Hotels and private accommodation for dogs
Firm name: Pansion za pse Čačak
Country: Serbia
Town: Čačak
OWNER INFORMATION. First Name/ Last Name: Zvezdana Kuzmanović
Phone 1: 0656636161
Phone 2: 063691509

Description of firm:

Are you going on vacation, a business trip, or are you away for a few days, and you don’t know where to leave your pets? You are in the right place! We will make sure that your pet enjoys exploring the new environment and socializing with people who adore animals and who will do their best to fulfill your pet’s every need and desire.
At any moment you can see what your pet is doing through photos and videos (viber, whatsapp).
We are located in the vicinity of Čačak (about 15 km from Čačak and 25 km from Kraljevo), so we also transport your pets if you are unable to bring them (agreement).
For small and medium-sized dogs that are used to home conditions, there is an air-conditioned facility made up of several rooms that are divided into several smaller corners, separate for each puppy, while for slightly larger dogs and those that live outside, covered boxes with panels are available. houses with insulation in them. The price is the same for both categories.
Visit us and see for yourself whether our boarding house is the right choice for your pet!

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