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Year of foundation: Written recordings on the name of Paraćin as a ”square with panađur” and ”square on Parakin`s boat” originate from XIV century (27/14 September 1375).

Location: Europe, Serbia, in the middle part of Central Serbia of the river Crnica, 156 km south of Belgrade, towards Niš, at the international Highway E-75 (Corridor 10). 
Paraćin is situated at the crossroads of the following directions: at the beginning of international road E-761 towards Zaječar and Bulgaria; at the connection to the traffic artery E-760 towards Kruševac, Kraljevo and farther towards Montenegro and Bosnia; the distance between Paraćin and Niš is 80 km (crossroads that continue towards Middle East), and from the Adriatic Sea 500 km.

Source: RSFranceIDF

Territory: It is a part of the region Šumadija and Pomoravlje – it belongs to Pomoravlje region. The town of Paraćin is situated 3,5 km away from the right bank of the river Morava, on the route of the Crnica river that runs through the centre of the town. The municipality of Paraćin occupies a great part of plentiful and fertile Middle Pomoravlje, the territory of the municipality of Paraćin goes down from Kučaj`s Mountains in the east towards the Velika Morava River in the west, stripped with the streams of the rivers Crnica and Grza. 
Paraćin lies on 43045′ – 43059 northern geographic latitude and 18055′ – 19025′ eastern geographic longitude, at the average sea-level of 130m. Agricultural land occupies 33.511 hectares (about 64%), while 16.854 hectares (about 36%). are covered with forests.
Municipality Paraćin consists of the town and 33 villages on the area of 541,7 km sq.

Climate: Moderately continental, average temperature -08oC in January and 22oC in July, average rainfall 644 mm2

Population: According to Census from 2002 there are 58.301 inhabitants in Paraćin, 43% in the town itself.

National structure: Most inhabitants are Serbian while other nationalities are minor 97%. The most numerous minority is Gypsy 0,82%, then Montenegrian 0,18%, Romanian 0,17%, Macedonian 0,13% and Croatian 0,10%, which can be explained
by the closeness of the borders with the related countries and the migration of inhabitants from former Yugoslav republics.

Average age: The highest percentage of population is represented by adult population 46.323 (79%). 38.052 (65%) of inhabitants belong to the category of work- capable, in the range of 15 – 64 of age, while the most numerous population, amounting to13.415 (23%) in the range of 40 – 55 . Average age of population is 41,07 while aging index amounts to 101,39.

Average salary: Average gross wage in December 2009 was 430 € and Average net wage 332 € for same period.

Main industry: Paraćin, the town of 128 years`long tradition of direct foreign investments. The first factory in Paraćin, textile factory, started work in 1882, investors, Czech manufacturers, Minh brothers. Paraćin became a well-known industrial centre, town of textile, cement, glass and confectionery goods. 

Main industries are the following: Chemical and non-metal industry, food and construction industries. 

Srpska fabrika stakla Paraćin (Glass factory) deals with production of concave glass, privatized in 2007 by a Bulgarian company called Rubin, and since 2009 Srbijagas has become a majority owner 63%. Employs 1720 workers.
HOLCIM DOO Srbija Swiss company that deals with cement production , in 2002 privatized the cement factory Novi Popovac. There are 419 workers in the company. 
Rofix Paraćin Austrian company that deals with construction materials production, realized its investment in 2004. Employed 26 workers.
Local entrepreneurs who deal with construction industry are as follows:
FGM MARKO TODOROVIĆ – MATOX – Factory of construction materials, paints and lacquer, employs 25 workers.
PP Grading Construction entreprise, employs 190 workers. 

GP Ljuba Invest Construction entreprise employs 20 workers.


– Municipality is covered with telephone land and mobile lines.
– Internet communications are created by ADSL and wireless.

Electric power 
– Paraćin power supply is provided using the two lines form Kruševac and Jagodina
– 3 TS of 110/10 kV; 5 TS 35/10 kV; above 300 TS 10/0.4 kV 

Gas supply
High pressure main regional gas supply line runs through the territory of Paraćin Municipality. Length of gas supply network is 150 km, capacity 6,000 consumers. 
Current number of consumers is 790.

Water supply system

Water supply network covers 65% of the municipal population, and sewerage system cover 95 % of the urban area. 

Slogan: Let us integrate tradition with economic development

Sport halls:
Paraćin possesses all standard facilities for all kinds of competitions (football, basketball, volleyball, handball, swimming, waterpolo…), from the lowest to the highest rank of national competitions.
We should also emphasise the objects of the Institution of Sports recreational centre ”7. juli” Paraćin which has capacities and conditions to organise sports competitions of international character. Sports recreational centre ”7. juli” Paraćin gathers sports hall, new-built hall, two indoors swimming pools, fitness club, stadium with additional grounds and sports grounds at the resort”7. Juli”. 
Apart from the institution SRC „7 Juli“ in Parćin there is a stadium of Sports association called SFS- „Borac“ and catering-sports object with the open 50 m swimming pool named „Prestiž“.

Source: Turistička organizacija opštine Paraćin

Sports grounds:
On the territory of the municipality of Paraćin there are altogether 33 public sports grounds in the villages (one in each village) and 4 in town local communities.

Health institutions :
In Paraćin municipality there is a Medical Centre which is under authority of the Republic of Serbia and comprises:
– Health Centre
– Emergency ward
– Children`s healthcare department 
– Women`s ward
– Internal ward 
– Thoracic department
– Children`s hospital
– Physical therapy department 
– Surgery department
– Orthopaedic department
– Gynecology – birthing centre
– Stomatology 
– Daily psychiatric hospital
Local governement finances construction and equipment of wards in the villages in order to improve conditions for patients` treatment in the villages. 

Cultural institutions:
– Library dr.Vićentije Rakić Paraćin
Town public library named Dr Vićentije Rakić whose origins were found in readers in 19th century and a reading room from the beginning of 20th century, as a real library has been operating for almost a century. Today, it is a modern institution equipped with computers and new furnishing. The library building is under protection of the Institute for cultural monuments.

Museum Paraćin

In 1975 on the initiative SO Paracin, the decision was made on the establishment of museums and thus began the realization of old ideas of nearly half a century. At the end of 1977 the collection of exhibits collected is placed in one of the first floor buildings built in the mid-19th century in Paracin, Maxim Gorky Street No. 17, known as “Ruzic’s house. 
Today, the Museum of Paracin has many artifacts and study materials accompanying museum documentation distributed within the department of archeology, history and ethnology with numerous collections. 
In addition to these departments, the Native Museum in Paracin constantly work conservation workshops and museum library, which is over 3000 titles, and professional journals.

– Cultural centre Paraćin 
New cultural institution, Cultural Centre -“Paraćin” is based on cultural activities of the Cultural – Educational community. In a formal legal sense, inherits its rights and obligations. Cultural Centre is the cultural institution which throughout the year, organizes numerous events, concerts, exhibitions, literary and artistic evenings: 
– Traditional Sisevac art colony- held starting from 1975 promotes Paraćin and enlarge gallery fund of paintings. 
– Manifestations of republic rank, ”villages`gatherings” grow originality, customs and poetics of our Pomoravian region. 
– Numerous exhibitions, concerts, promotions, literary evenings, lectures have presented to Paracin citizens names of those people who have made a step forward, beyond local and Serbian frames. 
– A part of mentioned activities embodied in mentioned names, make a sufficient heritage for the activity of the Cultural Centre “Paraćin”, as a mother institution of culture. 
– Initiator of numerous cultural programs in the municipality in the field of : literature, art and music, the Cultural Centre is regularly the host of eminent artists in these areas. During the summer, the Centre organises concerts in the open that are mainly preferred by younger audience. 

– ”Theater Paraćin” 
As the day of the establishment takes the 1st oOcober 1926 , the day when the first amateur theater of Paracin was founded. Decisions by SO Paracin of 30th December 2002. theater was called ” Paracin Theater″ as a cultural institutions of great significance for the municipality.
For its work, “Theater Paraćin” has been awarded many decorations and awards, and the Vuk’s prize – was the most significant prize in the field of culture. Advantage of Paracin theater is that the it has a functional building with 382 seats, which allows the ensemble repertoire work. 

Hotels and restaurants:
4 motels and 2 bed and breakfast with about 300 beds and the average price of about 30 euro.
Hotel ‘’Petrus’’ 
Andrija Radivojević
Nikole Pašića bb
Tel: +381 (0)35 572 000; Fax: +381 (0)35 572 003

Hotel ‘’Koliba’’ na Grzi
Goran Jovanović
Tel: +381 (0)35 540 555; +381 (0)35 540 440

Radivojević Jasmina
Tel. +381 (0)35 562 662 Fax; +381 (0)35 572 003

”Motel “Dorotej”
+381 (0)35 540 198

Motel ”Polet”
+381 (0)35 571 188

Vila ”Modex”
Tome Živanovića bb
Tel/fax: +381 (0)35 568 655

In Paraćin municipality there are restaurants serving domestic cuisine, and the ones with international dishes, pizza shops and cafes. Restaurants well-known for domestic cuisine are the following: 

Dragan Vojinović
Tel: +381 (0)35 569 999

Carice Milice bb, Paraćin
Tel: +381 (0)35 570 213, +381 (0)35 7110 165 
There are pizza shops as well:
Vojvode Mišića 46/1
Tel: +381 (0)35 571 580

‘’Pizza hitt’’ 
Branka Krsmanovića 12
Tel: +381 (0)35 571 012 

The main tourist attraction:
Grza Resort
Grza holiday resort is 17 km away on the way from Paraćin to Zaječar. It is a popular recreation center situated on the Grza river bank. The spring Grza is unique and very attractive. Two lakes take people’s breath away, especially if they are fishermen.
Sisevac Resort
The tourist settlement Sisevac is located at the springs of the Crnica River. It is surrounded by beautiful pine forest. Very near there is a medieval monastery – St. Sisoje, first mentioned in 1389.


Cultural and Historical Monuments:
There are numerous cultural and historical monuments in the territory of Paraćin municipality. Their historical, architectural and artistic value adds to the natural beauty of this area:
– Holy Trinity Church in Paraćin
– St. Sisoje Monastery in Sisevac
– Ever-Vergin Mary Monastery in Lešje 
– St. Parasceva Monastery in Izvor 
– St. Nicholas Monastery in Svojnovo
– ”Mala Sveta gora” (Minor Mount Athos) Monasteries: St. John Glavosek, Namasija in Zabrega, Petruša, St. Archangel Church, Church of Krasa 
– Medieval settlement of Petrus (remnants of the settlement) near Zabrega

– Business Fair 
– ”Days of Wine” in Trešnjevica 
– ”Džigeranijada” – organized in the ”Korzo“ Business Improvement District, Paraćin
– Traditional ”Sisevačka Art Colony”
– ”Pupils’ Art Collony“ in Grza 
– Cultural and Sports Summer, and Sports Winter 
– ”International Eco-Camp” in Grza 
– ”Moto-Show” – gathering of bikers from Serbia 



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