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Nowadays, the City of Kragujevac is getting more attractive all the time/day in and day out place to live in, to start one’s business, and interesting destination for foreign investments. It is the city of competent and optimistic young people who are encouraged to stay here. The city had experienced bad economic times during 1990s, but since the general conditions have been much improved, and today it became a mecca for investors, the city with favorable business climate and accelerated local economic development which was confirmed by the National Alliance for local economic development (NALED) certificate.
The optimism is spreading out across Sumadija and it cannot be stopped! Welcome!

Cultural-historical complex “Milošev venac” is in the central city area, where, the most important buildings constructed during the period when Kragujevac was the first capital of the modern Serbian state (1818-1841), are located. It is named after Prince Milos Obrenovic who declared it the capital city. The most important sights are located on the both sides of the river Lepenica, which is the biggest river in the valley of Kragujevac, about a 48km long, whose riverbanks in the city center are connected with old reinforced concrete bridges, first of its kind in Serbia.

The center of the new Serbian capital developed in the shape of ellipse. First public buildings were founded there: the court with residences, the church, the arsenal, the prison house, the barracks, the hospital, First Grammar school, Lyceum, the theatre etc. The court complex is not preserved. The quarters of Milos were destroyed in 1941, during the bombing (back then it was an officer’s home), and much before that, the Quarters of Ljubica had been burned down (The colorful quarters) as well as the military barracks. Today, however, some of the objects built in the period from 1818 till 1841, and in the late 19th and early 20th century, are still preserved.


Amidža’s konak is the only building still perserved from the complex of Miloš’s court, and it’s a part of the National Museum. It was named after the prince’s court administrator, Sima Milosavljević- Paštrmac, called Amidža (Uncle). Amidža’s konak was built in 1818 and it’s a representative of the Balkan – oriental style. Konak has served to accommodate the members of the prince’s guard, as well as for accepting princes from other districts and other prominent visitors during their arrival at the prince in Kragujevac.


Old (court’s) church was built in 1818, on the place where once a cemetery was. Miloš Obrenović, its founder, didn’t spare the material resources. He hired the best builders. The church base is rectangular with semicircular choir spaces and altar apse. It is dedicated to the Descent of the Holy Spirit onto the disciples. The endowment of Milos Obrenovic was reconstructed a couple of times. In the year 1829. the church bells rang for the first time. The old church is the first metropolitan, cathedral and court church in the free Serbia. Almost all important decisions for Serbian people, constitutions and edicts, were proclaimed in its port. The Sretenje assembly was held there in 1835, and that’s when the First Serbian Constitution was passed. All of the parliamentary sessions till 1859, were held in the church’s port, and from that year in the New Town Hall building.


The Old Assembly building is situated near the old church. Assembly building, which is still perserved, was built in 1859. The whole building is dominated by a spacious hall with columns that was used for parliamentary sessions. In that hall very important state decisions were taken during the nineteenth century. The provisions of the Berlin Congress were read in the building of the Old Assembly in 1878, which brought Serbia and Montenegro independence.


Prince Mihailo’s konak was built in 1860. At the end of the nineteenth century it was in Officers’ Club. The administration of the National museum and the Museum’s library are located in it today.


The Grammar school building is one of the most monumental school buildings erected in Serbia in the XIX century. It was built in 1887 when the first Grammar school in Serbia, founded in 1833, got its own building. From its classrooms, in 21 October 1941, the German soldiers took out large number of students and professors to the shooting . One of the classrooms was converted into a Memorial classroom, dedicated to this tragic event.

The Theatre building was built in 1928, for the purposes of the first theater in Serbia. At the invitation of Prince Milos, in the fall of 1834, Joakim Vujic came to Kragujevac, who founded the Knjažesko serbski theater in 1835. Theater building was built between the wars. In front of the building there is a monument to Joakim Vujic.

City market hall building – Building of the city market was built in 1828/29 as the most beautiful market hall in Serbia, and one of the first market halls in Europe. The building has not changed its purpose.

Monument to fallen soldiers of Šumadija located in Mali Park, near the city market hall. This monument was erected in 1932 and it is a work of the famous sculptor Anthon Augustinčić. It is dedicated to the soldiers fallen in wars of liberation from 1804 to 1918.

The Old Foundry building is one of the oldest industrial facilities in these areas. When Foundry was moved from Belgrade to Kragujevac in 1851, construction of the industrial facility began . The current foundry building dates from eighties XIX century and was built partly on the grounds of the former Foundry . It was built on the model of similar industrial facilities of this kind in Germany and France. Today Old Foundry museum is located in it.


Hotel “Ženeva lux“ ****
Address: Slobode bb
Phone: +381 34 635 61 00; +381 34 635 62 00

Hotel “Ženeva lux“ is placed nearby Faculty of Law and Faculty of economics, in the neighborhood of Šumadija sajam. Hotel has contemporary arranged apartment units and its own parking space with garage and video surveillance, fitness and spa center . All accommodation units are luxury furnished and have computers, wireless internet, LCD television with DVD system, mini-bar, safe, central air-conditioning, bathrooms with Jacuzzi bath and shower cabins, hair dryer and cosmetics for personal hygiene. Guests have at their disposal services of laundry and ironing.
Hotel also has completely equipped conference hall and VIP salon, as well as two restaurants with capacity of 650 seats, which are suitable for all kinds of celebrations..

Hotel “Zelengora“ ***
Address: Branka Radicevica 22
Phone: +381 34 33 62 54; +381 34 33 61 85

Hotel “Zelengora“ is an outstanding building that has preserved beauty of past times.
It is situated in the very center of the city, connecting two especially dynamic pedestrian in which intensive social and business city life is taking place. It is one of the oldest hotels in Serbia, with tradition longer than 120 years.
Considering the conditions of accommodation, its capacities are in the category of four stars hotels. All rooms have air-conditioning, phones and wireless internet, television, mini-bar, luxury bathroom…

Hotel “Šumarice“ ***
Address: Desankin venac bb
Phone: + 381 34 33 61 80; + 381 34 33 61 84

Hotel “Šumarice“ is a distinguished hotel, located 3 km from the city center and situated in the very center of Spomen park. It is built in traditional style of Šumadian architecture in deep forest and silence, the right place forrest and recreation, but also for business meetings, symposiums, seminars and family celebrations.
Although the hotel has three stars, the rooms are equipped to meet the requirements of categorization of four stars. All rooms have air-conditioning, phones and internet connection, television, mini-bar, luxury bathroom…

Hotel “Kragujevac“ * * *
Address: Kralja Petra I 21
Phone: +381 34 33 58 11; +381 34 33 58 12

Hotel has a tradition longer than half a century. It is situated in the very business district and it is perfect place for business people, but also for tourists.
All rooms in hotel are elegantly arranged and equipped. Contemporary congressional center with several halls of various capacity, that have most contemporary equipment is at disposal.
Hotel has bar and two restaurants, and one of them, the new-opened “Panorama“ is on the last, eight floor of the hotel.

Hotel “Ženeva“ * *
Address: Luja Pastera 19
Phone: +381 34 33 06 05

Hotel “Ženeva“ offers accommodation on the basis of apartments, single and double rooms.
Apartments and rooms are elegantly furnished and have a television, DVD, air-conditioning, phone, mini-bar, wireless internet, cable television, jacuzzi baths and hydromassage shower cabins.
In the hotel there is also a hall for ceremonies with 120 seats, and at disposal there is greenhouse with 35 seats.

Hotel “Stari grad“ * *
Address: Karađorđeva 10
Phone: +381 34 33 05 91; +381 34 33 05 80

Hotel “Stari grad“ is located in the very center of the city, near business and shopping centers, public, cultural and historical institutions and old city center. The hotel reception is opened 24 hours a day and provides all the business services, keeping values, internet, fax and information about hotel and city happenings.
All the rooms have internet, mini-bar, CA TV, big and comfortable beds, bathrooms, SOS alarms. Restaurant is “a la carte“, it is in high category and it is preparing dishes from national and international cuisine. It has two halls of 30 and 80 seats, which can be adapted for certain purposes. It is especially suitable for business lunches and dinners, coctails and promotional programs.



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