SEMACO | Vitamin and mineral supplements for pets

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Type of company:  Other Firms
Firm name: SEMACO | Vitamin and mineral supplements for pet

Country: Serbia
Town: 21410 Futog
OWNER INFORMATION. First Name/ Last Name: Snežana Sekiz
Phones: +38163289919; +38166289919; +38121897596

Description of firm:

“We established our family business “SEMACO” in order to produce vitamin and mineral supplements for pets and ornamental animals, to show that we can offer quality products, products and that are worth attention.

“SEMACO” has established a system for ensuring product safety at all stages of production, processing and sale of products and applies the principles of good manufacturing and hygienic practice (HACCP).

Our job here is never-ending, on the contrary addition to quality products we’re here to provide expert advice and timely support to our mutual satisfaction.”




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