Cynological Union “Lepenica”-Kragujevac

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Cynological Union “LEPENICA”-Kragujevac


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Country: Serbia
City: Kragujevac
President: Mirko Marković
E mail:
Phone 1: +38134-207 800
Phone 2: +38164 00 46 787

Description of firm:

  • Founded on March 1st 2005
  • Mirko Marković, an International Cynology Judge and a long-haired dachshund breeder, is the President of the Union. 
  • Dobermann Club “Kragujevac” is a member of the Cynological Union “LEPENICA”-Kragujevac
  • The Cynological Union “LEPENICA”-Kragujevac includes 4 cynology judges and 15 registered kennels from the very beginning




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