Cropped and Docked Dog

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Cropped and Docked Dog

On the occasion of its online meeting on November 24, 2021, the FCI General Committee decided to
remind the FCI Members and Contract Partners about the circular 8/2016 (dated 7/3/2016) referring
to cropped/docked dogs of breeds customarily cropped/docked.
The FCI General Committee insists that, effective from 1st January 2025, the dogs with cropped
ears/docked tail, belonging to breeds for which no reference is made to the cropped ears/docked tail
in the FCI breed standards, will not be allowed anymore to be shown in any conformation event
where the FCI breed standards are used.
It is up to the events’ organisers to find a solution so that they are informed beforehand about the
anatomy of the dogs to be shown (for example via the entry form).
Please find BELOW the list of the breeds concerned.
We request the FCI Members and Contract partners to inform the breeders, the dog owners, the
judges and show organizers in your country about this decision.

Breed name
143 Dobermann
144 Deutscher Boxer
147 Rottweiler
181 Riesenschnauzer
182 Schnauzer
183 Zwergschnauzer
184 Deutscher Pinscher
185 Zwergpinscher
197 Mastino Napoletano
235 Deutsche Dogge
343 Cane Corso Italiano


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